What is the difference between the Law and the Spirit? Between the letter and the meaning? Between idolatry and truth?

What is the main difference between the Spirit and the Law? I have repeatedly given a simple example that helps to understand this difference. The difference between law and Spirit is like the difference between a sail and a wind. The sail wears out over time (or does not correspond to the change in the situation) and it needs to be constantly patched. But if you are the wind, then you can fly. You can fly with or without a sail. You just fly wherever you want and you have no obstacles. Everything that changes around you cannot stop or deceive you. This is spiritual freedom. And the sail is necessarily needed only by those who do not know how to fly.

This helps to understand the difference between the thinking of Christ and the thinking of the lawyers. The lawyers worshipped the letter (the sail), and Jesus worshipped God, who is the Spirit (John 4:21-24). That’s why Jesus was constantly destroying the dogmas of His opponents. All His activities were aimed at this.

What does it mean to think in dogmas? It means thinking according to the law, not according to the Spirit. In relation to the Scriptures, it means to see only the literal text, but not to see the global meanings. It also means the inability to distinguish evil human dogmas from real Christian teachings.

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