The important note for English-speaking readers (updated)

One of the foreign readers (who use Google or Yandex translators) told me about an important distortion of meaning, which is associated with the lack of exact equivalents of words in different languages. I will give this case below, but I ask you to take into account that there may be many such cases. If something is unclear to you, or you see a distortion of the meaning, please do not hesitate to write to me about it on the “Ask” page.

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The texts of Luke 21: 24 and Revelation 11: 2 use the Greek word ‘ethne’.

In the singular, it is a ‘ethnos‘.

In the plural, these are ‘ethne‘.

As an equivalent to the bible’s word ‘ethne’ the Latin word Gentiles means non-Jews. But this is an inaccurate value. Given that the prophecies of Jesus refer to the events of the Read More

Talking about future anointed ones

Reader: I just started reading your material and would like to make a brief comment on your article ‘Who should partake of the bread and wine,’ from 2015, where you say that all ‘Christians’ are in the new covenant etc.

As a [former] JW you are aware that the vast majority of redeemable mankind is destined for life here on earth, but that the whole NT does not concern itself at all with this hope, but rather entirely focuses on the affairs of those with the heavenly destiny.

Hence, while even angels are desiring to peer into the things concerning the anointed, it is not surprising, nor even wrong, for those who have not been called to this destiny, namely those who by default entertain the hope of eternal life here on earth, to be interested in these things, even though neither they nor the angels are actual participants nor sharers in the glory that is going to be revealed in us.

There are a lot of scriptural points to consider here, for example, both in Rev 7 and Mat 25, which deal with this matter, we have only two groups of people, Christ’s brothers and those who did good to them, and, the 144000 and the great crowed respectively, leaving us with but one group [outside of the anointed] who will be saved.

Interestingly, in Mat 25, the sheep [great crowd equivalent in Rev 7] are such as UNKNOWINGLY do good to Christ’s brothers, hence people who could not possibly be ‘dedicated, baptized Christians with an earthly hope,’ because how could such be surprised when Jesus pays them their reward of entering into life, for which they would have already hoped and dedicated their Christian lives for, if they really were in the new covenant along with the anointed?

As to ‘hopes,’ yes, there are two different hopes, but really only one CHRISTIAN hope, namely the heavenly, because the earthly hope is actually more connected with the OT hope of the Hebrew forefathers, ‘each living under own vine and fig tree and;’ hence scripture specifies ‘one Lord, one faith, ONE hope,’ just as Paul also talks about this heavenly hope into which people are saved, meaning, if any ‘Christian’ is truly saved, God immediately reveals this glorious future to them, so that there can be no doubt of mistake about their destiny. Ro 8:23,24

The notion of the WT that God anoints believers after years of faithful service is rather fanciful and not supported in Scripture, in ‘order that no flesh might boast in the sight of God,’ I hope you agree.

In your article you say: “. . . Christ Himself taught that tares will grow among the wheat. It is absolutely impossible for people to determine which of those who receive the symbols will be among the “saints of the Most High” and which will not. Christ’s words that the tares will be rooted out directly “from the Kingdom” more than transparently make it clear that until the “end of the age” symbolic bread and wine will be accepted by the “tares”, which will be in one meeting together in the real Sons of the Kingdom and the brothers of Jesus (Matthew 13: 38-42) . ”

A careful reading of the text [Mat 13:38-42] actually shows that at least in this illustration of Jesus, the ‘field’ where the ‘wheat’ and the ‘tares’ grow together until the harvest time, and which is the ‘KINGDOM’ from which the ‘tares’ will be plucked out of, is actually NOT the Christian congregation, the body of Christ, the meeting places of the anointed, BUT “the world,” – Jesus is very explicit and unambiguous here, to wit: “The field IS the world.” Mat 13:38

Sure, Satan would like nothing better than to infiltrate, corrupt and subsume any gathering of anointed ones, as he succeeded in doing since the end of the first century, but since the body of Christ is entirely distinct and ‘called out from,’ [Greek: Ecclesia} not [only] the world, but the nominal ‘Christian’ churches and denominations, also called Christendom, and since the organization and directing of the anointed is strictly by means of the Holy Spirit of truth with no compromise for heresy, as is also written: “. . . these did not defile themselves with [spiritual] women [church organizations],” it follows that were two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus, any satanic infiltrator would quickly be exposed, so that if Satan’s agents were to actually swamp the fellowship, any true anointed member of Christ’s body would immediately leave such an association and separate himself from the unclean thing.

Since the anointing means full enlightenment, nobody who thinks that God tortures people forever in hell or believes that Jesus is God, or believes in the invisible presence lie of the WT can really be anointed.

Anyhow, I generally agree with your views so far and will continue reading and hopefully commenting as well.

I hope what I have written translates well into Russian, but let me know if you need clarification on any point.

Also, I would very much appreciate your feedback, since we are all parts of the body with different functions and insights. (“Place”)

Strazh: Thanks for the comment, it came as a surprise to me to get a comment in English. Yes, I understand almost everything. A large part of the article “Who should take the bread and wine?” wasn’t written by me. The main part of the material was sent to me in a letter from former JWs who later left the faith. But the material has remained part of this article until now, and I left it. I remember that in her letter, sister and brother researched the Bible and the Watchtower publications, but now I know that only the Bible needs to be researched. There are so many subtle lies in the Watchtower’s publications that they should not be considered at all.

So I have to say that in general, my understanding of many issues has improved a lot over the years. And I think your basic idea is correct. Actually, the main idea of my site is similar. – This is the appearance of the future chosen ones, who, in unity with Christ, will restore peace between God and all creatures, heavenly and earthly.

This is the main purpose of the New Testament and the main purpose of the existence of Christianity — to make the appearance of chosen ones. So it will be.

On the other hand, I am absolutely calm about the definition of the anointed, because God defines them, not people (Matthew 20:23). I also don’t worry about the group that God will put me in. This is not my question, but God’s. Besides, it won’t matter in a loving family of God.

However, I am surprised by Jehovah’s Witnesses and other people who know how to identify the real chosen ones. To take symbols and being chosen are two different things. (Also, Jesus instituted a dinner for remembrance, not a dinner for announcements of new “anointed ones.”) But many JWs think that if a person accepted bread and wine Read More

The real Christ, and why the persecutors will pierce His Body

Yes, they will “pierce” Jesus again. It is written in Revelation 1:7:

Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. (NAS)

Who are we talking about here? Although some people think that these people will be the Romans who pierced Him in the first century, it must be understood that these Romans are long dead. Therefore, they will not be able to see anyone – until they resurrect from the dead. But if the resurrection begins only after the coming of Christ, who will pierce Him again? Just from the title of the article, an attentive reader of the Bible probably guessed what kind of “Body” will be pierced by people from among those who saw His return.

Their false ideas about Jesus

When dealing with religious people, it is impossible not to see how distorted their ideas about Jesus are. For example, they are sure that He was immensely kind and constantly said kind words. And so, they say, we should be the same! To do this, you need to look at each other with gentle eyes, be in a clean suit or a new kerchief. You can not raise the voice, and shout – God forbids! On the contrary, you need to speak only in an unctuous voice. And of course, you should joy and smile at those who come to the meeting again – after all, we are “followers of Christ”. You need to try, because the visitor must see the “spirit of Christ” at the meeting! However, later on, the new convert is confronted with a very different reality often and soon.

Because when people talk about an overly sweet and polite Christ, they are clearly not thinking about the Scriptures and are content with very superficial ideas.

When you talk to them about Jesus whipping out the temple money changers, they say usually:

It was Jesus!
Okay,” you say, “and the prophets? and the apostles? Weren’t they just as harsh when they gave their opponents a direct rebuke?
Yes,” the “polite” religious people answer, and immediately say: “BUT they were prophets and apostles!

Then the final question remains: if they were Christ and the prophets, why did their contemporaries not recognize them as God’s servants? Read More