The real Christ, and why the persecutors will pierce His Body

Yes, they will “pierce” Jesus again. It is written in Revelation 1:7:

Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. (NAS)

Who are we talking about here? Although some people think that these people will be the Romans who pierced Him in the first century, it must be understood that these Romans are long dead. Therefore, they will not be able to see anyone – until they resurrect from the dead. But if the resurrection begins only after the coming of Christ, who will pierce Him again? Just from the title of the article, an attentive reader of the Bible probably guessed what kind of “Body” will be pierced by people from among those who saw His return.

Their false ideas about Jesus

When dealing with religious people, it is impossible not to see how distorted their ideas about Jesus are. For example, they are sure that He was immensely kind and constantly said kind words. And so, they say, we should be the same! To do this, you need to look at each other with gentle eyes, be in a clean suit or a new kerchief. You can not raise the voice, and shout – God forbids! On the contrary, you need to speak only in an unctuous voice. And of course, you should joy and smile at those who come to the meeting again – after all, we are “followers of Christ”. You need to try, because the visitor must see the “spirit of Christ” at the meeting! However, later on, the new convert is confronted with a very different reality often and soon.

Because when people talk about an overly sweet and polite Christ, they are clearly not thinking about the Scriptures and are content with very superficial ideas.

When you talk to them about Jesus whipping out the temple money changers, they say usually:

It was Jesus!
Okay,” you say, “and the prophets? and the apostles? Weren’t they just as harsh when they gave their opponents a direct rebuke?
Yes,” the “polite” religious people answer, and immediately say: “BUT they were prophets and apostles!

Then the final question remains: if they were Christ and the prophets, why did their contemporaries not recognize them as God’s servants?

After all, it is now only, sitting in a cozy meeting with a Bible in their hands, many people talk about Christ’s “goodness and truth.” But I would like to see them if they were in the same synagogues where Jesus preached. Could they recognize Him as God’s anointed One then? Because of the “Jesus” they “imitate” today, many would not recognize Him either. On the contrary, most of them would also have shouted to crucify Him. Why? In the eyes of His contemporaries, Jesus would have been a simpleton from a working-class family, a poor man from the provinces. He had no wealth, He was vagrant, and He was regularly speaking with some sinners and outcasts. Moreover, He also spoke out against revered religious teachers, and even in the Temple – He attacked respected people of society. How could such observers say that He is a holy one of God?

Oh, Yes, he did miracles. But did it help them to recognize Him? After all, they shouted “Crucify!”

Therefore, they will always find some “BUT”, so as not to recognize the one who came to tell them the will of God. So it was with the prophets, so it was with Jesus, and so it was with the apostles. What will change in their attitude toward other servants of God? Nothing will change, and the prototypes from the Scriptures will not let me to lie. And in fact – this is a terrible topic, because the described story will repeat itself again – in the time of the end.

Why will He be pierced again

Do you ponder why the prophets and the book of Revelation speak of the persecution and death of the “two prophets”? Why do they talk about the death of the future holy ones of the Most High? But those prophets will be killed for the same reason – they will not be recognized. And among those who will not know them, there will be many who are “believers” today (Matthew 7:23). As in the past, the holy ones of God will not fit into people’s ideas of divinity. Even miracles with the power of Moses will not help, and they will shout “Crucify!” Was this the reason why Jesus warned his disciples that “an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he serves God“?

Why didn’t many people recognize Jesus? Were they deceived? Yes, they were deceived. But the main reason for being deceived is that deception was part of their essence. Deception was close to their nature; they knew that in this world deception helps to have the benefits and goals that were so dear to them. In life, this is still the case: the more grandiose the deception, the more it strikes some with “sophistication and grandeur”, they admire the “greatest” fraudsters. As a result, they could not distinguish deception from the truth and could not accept truth. Because the truth cannot take root in the soil of an evil heart. Yes, deception was part of it: they were selfish, loved self-love and self-exaltation over their own kind, loved flattery and untruth. That’s why they didn’t recognize Jesus as God’s Anointed one. They were looking for transitory human glory, and Jesus was praising his Heavenly Father.

Do you understand the catch of their thinking? They were tormented by confusion! After all, when faced with the power and honesty of wisdom, the cunning one is tormented by an “unsolvable” dilemma – what is he dealing with? With a simple naivete? Or with the highest degree of fraud?

Who did they see Jesus as? If a person can speak as beautifully or with the same power as Jesus, then the first thing that comes to their mind is “he wants to rule”, “he wants to stand above others”, “it’s all for a reason”, and so on. They expected something great and impressive, which they also want to participate in. But on the other hand, they think: this is just a poor person, modest and without the necessary ambition. How can he achieve anything? He praises the Heavenly Father who doesn’t seem to show up in our busy lives. “Who is it? Some naive one? Or a clever fraudster?”

This is what people thought when they encountered Christ (and the rest of God’s servants). In the end, they angrily asked Jesus: “whom do You make Yourself out to be?” (John 8:53) Or similar: “Who are You? Why don’t we see anything special thing You about? You have not result desired for us. How dare you tell us whether we are right or wrong?

So He was persecuted almost always when he preached in synagogues almost always. As soon as He had time to cite at least a couple of straightforward texts from the Scriptures – the crowd got excited and wanted to beat Him (Luke 4:16-30, etc.). Is this why history will repeat itself again?

The Real Jesus. What Is He?

The main reason why Jesus was persecuted – He was simple and direct as a ray of light. He did not adapt to others, did not try to please everyone, and did not pretend to be something great or excessively sweet and overly polite. Because of his unsurpassed insight and childish ingenuousness, He simply told the truth. So accurately and directly that it was impossible to manipulate It. Well, then… What was then depended on whether the audience liked the truth or not.

If you read the books of the prophets, you are struck by the similarity of their spirit to the spirit of the words of Jesus Christ. But especially when they were recording the direct speech of the Heavenly Father. The same directness with no trace of mannerism or pomposity. How strong are the simple words of the Most High when He compares those who have deviated from Him to a harlot spreading her legs under every tree. Or when He speaks in anger about punishments to apostates and lawless ones and calls things so directly that under the current politically correct requirements, his other speech may seem, at least, “unacceptable”. Because for Christ and God, the main thing is not the form or the chosen words, but it is sincerity, simplicity, impartiality and justice. It is complete absence of any hint of guile, and at the same time a warm love and sincere desire to help all those who respond to the truth and crave true justice. Because They are the real God and his Son. As you can see, They are not similar to the views of many.

And what about courtesy… It is beautiful, but this is only the appearance of the bowl. And if honesty, kindness and trust, love, wisdom and simplicity are not behind it, then such courtesy is empty – it costs nothing and brings harm only. How can we not remember the deposed king of Babylon, who was told “you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient“? The same fate awaits all who do not learn to love God and the truth as Jesus Christ did. After all, it is simply amazing that up to this day many religious people react with the same indignation to the smallest biblical text that exposes their incorrect teachings or ideas somehow. Of course, this happens in the” decent mask” of modern norms of behavior, but this mask often hides other things. Such religious “politeness” is a beautiful box, but it is an empty box, at least.

No wonder there is a proverb that it is better to be harsh, but acting in truth, than polite, but envious and mean. This is why Jesus said that many seemingly unrepresentative sinners and harlots will enter the Kingdom before self-righteous religious men (Matthew 12:31). Despite their despicable status, “dirty” speech and sinful habits, they will be recognized as righteous. Because they will have a good interior, which is a merciful and rightness-hungry heart, which is sure to manifest itself in the hour of trial that comes to the entire planet before His return (Matthew 25:31-40, Revelation 3:10).

His Congregation, which is His Body (Ephesians 1:22,23)

Now, of course, it is easily to understand why it is written that “every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him“.

Only the body of the person being pierced can be pierced. But as the apostles say, the Body of Christ is a congregation of his true followers (Ephesians 1:22,23; Colossians 1:24). These are His Holy brothers who must complete the number. These are the ones that this world will also hate, kill, and rejoice in their destruction (Revelation 11:10,11). It is this “Body” – the last brothers of Christ-that will be pierced, and the ones who pierced will weep and cry when they realize Whom they pierced.

The coming reaction of Christ to the murder of saints is quite obvious if we understand the extent of Jesus’ relationship with his earthly congregation. It is called His “bride” in the Bible (Ephesians 5:25-30, compare Revelation 19:7). This reference to family relations is not accidental, because the earthly husband and wife were originally called “one flesh”. In this way, any faithful earthly family reflects the extent of Jesus’ relationship with his congregation, and it also reflects God’s relationship with all creation. Even in the globe of art (cinema and literature) there are many examples of the inevitable revenge of faithfull husbands for those who dared to encroach on the life of their faithful companion. That is why the act of Christ’s coming will mean the beginning of revenge on those who have encroached on the most precious thing that He had. Because his congregation is as much a beloved part of Himself as any faithful earthly wife is “one flesh” with her husband.

This is a very serious reminder that today we should think with kindness, truth and justice. To know and love not only Jesus, but above all the Heavenly Father as They really are. This is the single way to know the real brothers of Christ in the coming “time of the end” and stay with God for happy eternality.

This article was raised to the top because it was translated into English. I don’t speak English, so sorry for the mistakes and style.