The True Goal of Christianity

The main goal of old Testament worship was the Anointed King, Jesus Christ.

The second goal was to bring up the Nation of holy ones who were to rule with Christ.

When Christ came, the main goal was achieved.

The second goal was not achieved. After that the ancient system of worship tragically ended.

After that, the era of the New Testament, Christianity, began.

Therefore, the true goal of Christianity is to bring up the chosen ones of Most High and to prepare believers so that they can know and accept them. Those people are chosen ones of the Most High who will rule with Christ. All of them are the Kingdom of God. As soon as the last saints are anointed and enter the world stage, the tragic end of untrue сhristianity will come. Also the “time of the end” (The true Gentile Times) of this world will come.

In other words, just as in the days of the end of the ancient Jewish system, when the anointed King, Jesus, was to appear, so before the end of this world the holy ones of the Most High must appear. Those people will deliver the last preaching about the Kingdom. It will be the true preaching predicted by Christ (Mattew 24:14).

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This part of the article was translated on October 28, 2020.